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Do you love the idea of a homeschool environment for your child's education?

At Wondering Oaks, students are given the freedom to learn in ways that make the most sense to them - as individuals. Just as they would at home, students have flexibility in choosing when they complete lessons, and choosing how they best learn - whether that means they learn outside, standing up, upside down, on a balance board, with music, while eating a snack, or through games. 

With class sizes averaging at 10, students are able to work at their own pace, learning one on one with their teacher. 

Students enjoy strong friendships as they have ample time to practice social skills in a variety of environments, and benefit from a multi-age classroom. 

We strive to combine the best aspects of traditional homeschooling and a small private school. The result is a classroom in which students feel safe, loved, and encouraged to be capable and independent learners.

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Mark Van Doren

"The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery."

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Wondering Oaks Learning shares property space with a wonderfully giving family photographer. Therefore, school visits are by appointment only. Please note that Wondering Oaks does not affiliate with any religious or political view. Any political or religious items on the property belong to the property owners, and may not reflect the views of Wondering Oaks.

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