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Class Tuition and Registration

How can I enroll my child?

Wondering Oaks strives to keep classes as affordable as possible. Tuition exists solely to cover the cost of supplies, the school building, and the time of its teachers. Wondering Oaks does not charge any sort of registration/paperwork fee. Supply fees go back into the classroom to directly benefit the students.

Annual tuition covers the months of August through June.  

Supply fees are $100 per day of attendance. This means that a student who attends 4 days per week will pay $400 for the cost of supplies, while a student who only attends 1 day per week will pay $100 for supplies. The supply fee includes any student workbooks, individual daily supplies, personal reading material, science equipment, and games/materials needed for specific needs related to each student. Wondering Oaks loves to provide what each student needs to succeed! 

Tuition: Admissions

Full Time

Billed annually
Annual or monthly payments

Full time students are those who enroll in 3-4 days per week. This is the most economical option, and is recommended for families who need assistance in teaching reading/core topics, in addition to a desire for social interaction and elective courses. 

3 days weekly: $4,500 ($375 monthly)

4 days weekly: $5,500 ($500 monthly)

Part Time

Billed monthly

Part time students attend 1-2 days per week. These students may choose which days they attend based on specific needs. Please see the course descriptions to determine which days your student should attend!

$40 per day


Save with these options!
Discounts do not apply to part time tuition or supply fees.

  • 5% discount when paying annually within one month of enrollment

  • Sibling discount of 30% 

Families in need of assistance should reach out. This is a new school, therefore, no scholarships are available. However, there are opportunities for service trading, or spreading the supply fee throughout the year. 

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