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What does social/emotional learning look like at Wondering Oaks?

The primary focus of social/emotional education is for students to:

1) have an awareness of their own emotions

2) understand what their brain and nervous system is doing when they experience negative emotions 

3) have the ability to confidently and appropriately manage their emotions in a variety of settings

This simply means that students learn the science behind emotions, and learn "tools" to help them deal with them. 

Once a day, students take a moment to reflect on and record their feelings. Teachers and students have the opportunity to talk about any problems a student might be facing. 

After recess, students take a couple of minutes to cool off and relax, usually meditating or doing yoga together. 

Finally, students practice various tactics, such as deep breathing or stretching, to help them to regulate their own moods. By giving them the tools, we allow them to grow and manage themselves independently, confidently, and as strong individuals. 

Social/Emotional Learning: Academics

Meeting Additional Needs

Modifications to the Traditional Classroom

Although Wondering Oaks is simply an alternative style of education designed for all children in early primary years, Wondering Oaks lovingly reaches our friends on the Autism Spectrum, friends with neurodevelopmental differences such as ADHD, or with other mental health disorders such as anxiety. Social/emotional health and regulation is promoted and explicitly taught throughout the day. Students have ample opportunities to move freely about the school, work in a variety of positions and locations, release energy outdoors, and to remove themselves from stressful or overwhelming situations when needed. In addition, students explicitly practice life skills such as time management, forward planning, direct/kind/positive communication, emotional regulation, and awareness of others. 

Teachers do not discipline using punitive strategies. Instead, the focus is on positive relationship building, strong communication, ensuring physical needs have been met, positive reinforcement, and natural consequences. 

If you are unsure if your child's needs can be met, please do not hesitate to contact us! We are happy to answer questions, discuss options, and see if we are the best fit for your child. 

Social/Emotional Learning: Academics
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