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Frequently Asked Questions

What grade levels do you accept?

Wondering Oaks does not go by grades. Instead, students are taught at their current level, in each literacy and math. However, students MUST be at least kindergarten age (5) to attend, and the content typically covers students from Transitional Kindergarten through Third Grade. Students are welcome as long as their needs can be met within the program, regardless of specific "grade" level. More on this can be found under Classes.

What are class sizes like?

Class sizes vary between 3-14 students. More students will be accepted for science/special project days, as we have two teachers working together. Core curriculum days will remain small, to ensure the proper amount of individualized attention for core work.

How does Wondering Oaks teach science? 

Academically speaking, Wondering Oaks is a secular school. Although controversial topics rarely come up in this age group, science will reflect theories or discovered information provided by the scientific community, backed by peer studies. This may include topics such as the existence and extinction of dinosaurs, evolution within the context of species development, the age of Earth, and other related topics. However, Wondering Oaks does make a strong effort to notify parents when a science lesson explicitly contradicts the religious views of students. Science mostly focuses on exploration of the natural world - nature, gardening, life cycles, measurement, conducting experiments, electricity, forces, and other t

What about religion?

Wondering Oaks is proud to welcome and love students from all backgrounds, of all beliefs. We are a fully inclusive environment, and respect the wide variety of beliefs, lifestyles, cultures, and religions that make up our amazing world. On that note, religion is not taught in school - Wondering Oaks is a fully secular program. We do not have school on Fridays, which leaves a wonderful amount of time to pursue any topics families see fit to add to their child's education and growth. Wondering Oaks teaches values such as honesty, kindness, and love for others, but without a religious context.

Will my child be able to enter public school after attending Wondering Oaks Learning?

That greatly depends - both on your child, and on your family's goals. The goal of Wondering Oaks is not to "keep up" with the rigor of public school. Public school does not currently meet the developmental needs of students still in their early childhood years, and many students experience burnout with school by middle school. Since Wondering Oaks believes in educating the whole child, students are provided the resources and instruction that best fits their personal development and needs. This means that if a student begins school with social or emotional needs, they most likely will need to be met before academics will be well received. Students are taught to be capable, emotionally intelligent, curious, and strong communicators in addition to academically sound. A developmentally appropriate program also leaves ample time for play. Assuming students complete the entire 3-4 year program, they should most likely enter their next grade level ahead in reading and science, on grade level in math, and behind with writing. Writing programs can be added or recommended if entering school in public is necessary.

Why might my child be "behind" in writing?

"Behind" is strictly in reference to public school standards. Wondering Oaks follows a more gentle, developmentally appropriate path for its writing instruction. Public school teaches formulaic writing in order to get students writing sooner, usually to the detriment of enjoyment and creative thought. More and more students are entering high school with a lack of agency and confidence in their ideas to write effectively. Writing is approached at a slower pace at Wondering Oaks to allow students to build their own voice, and enjoy the writing process. Writing as a subject is only formally taught once a student is capable of reading CVC words fluently, and can properly form letters without difficulty.

Where can I find pricing?

General information regarding pricing can be found in the section titled Tuition. Each student's experience at Wondering Oaks is individualized, however, and pricing can differ based on the needs of each student. 

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