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Growing Strong Minds

Teaching "The Whole Child" at Wondering Oaks

The term "whole child" is quite the buzzword in the education community. It is what teachers everywhere are called to teach to. However, not every educational environment truly allows for that.

At Wondering Oaks Learning, we strive to ensure we are educating the whole child. This means that students not only learn academics, but also 21st century skills such as emotional regulation, meta-cognition, effective communication, problem solving, self-care, and internal motivation. Read on to see just how Wondering Oaks does that!

The Whole Child: Student Life
The Whole Child: Activities

Student Autonomy

During morning block, students learn to regulate their own needs and wants by having flexibility within their activities and learning. Students are given general goals for each session, then released to tackle them. They learn time management as they balance their necessary work with their brain breaks on their own. Natural consequences teach students to find an appropriate work/life balance early on.

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